Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spring Song - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

I have decided that if I think about, sing about and talk about spring it will finally arrive!  I have always loved the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with all my heart and when signs of Spring arrive I honestly can't get this song out of my head.  For those of you that are also fans of the film will know what I mean!  I am going to design this blog post around the song and you can sing each little bit as you read.... lyrics in green...

Oh, the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzy,
And the obvious reason is because of the season
Ma Nature's lyrical, with her yearly miracle
Spring, Spring, Spring.

In the film the seven brothers kidnap seven brides from the local town however an avalanche traps the girls at the remote farm house and their families are unable to rescue them.  They are stuck there through what is a very very long winter.  Just like we are experiencing.  By the time spring arrives they have all fallen in love, lambs are being born, daffodils appear, ducklings are swimming and everyone sings.....
We have got lambs in the field behind The Nostalgic Kitchen however that's about it!  No daffodils yet and I'm desperate to sing! Mrs Nostalgic Kitchen is a bit like Millie from the film with her passion for cooking and homemaking!  I have been baking lots of yummy dishes for Farmer Bob to keep us warm and brightening up our home with a spring clean and spring flowers dotted here and there to get us in the mood for better weather.
All the hen-folk are hatchin'
While their men-folk are scrathin'
To ensure the survival of each brand new arrival.

Each nest is twitterin',
They're all baby-sitterin',
Spring, Spring, Spring.

I have been starting my spring displays on my online shop and at my unit in Kibworth Antiques Centre.  It's such a pretty time of year and easy to make things look bright and cheery!

It's a beehive of buddin' son and daughter life,
Every family has plans in view.
Even down in the brook the underwater life
Is forever blowin' bubbles too.

Every field wears a bonnet
With some spring daisies on it,
Even birds of a feather show their clothes off together.
Sun's gettin' shinery, to spotlight the finery,
Spring, Spring, Spring.

I've got lots of Easter ideas to put on my website so make sure you keep checking it in the next couple of weeks for Spring inspiration in your kitchen.  I'm going to bake Bunny biscuits tomorrow. These little bunny jelly moulds are a lovely gift to yourself or for someone else.

From his eyrie, the eagle with his eagle eye
Gazes down across his eagle beak
And a'fixin' his lady with the legal eye
Screams "suppose we fix the date this week!"

Are you still singing? In my next post I will be sharing vintage cleaning tips for all you budding housewives and househusbands out there.  My washing/cleaning section is growing online and it's time you all knew the secret tips of the trade!

Yes, siree, spring disposes
That it's all one supposes
It's a real bed of roses
Waggin' tails, rubbin' noses.

All BROTHERS (except Ephraim) & All BRIDES:
Each day is Mother's Day
The next is some other's day
When all is King ...

 I hope you enjoyed your little spring sing song and if you would like a special spring treat head over to and enter the code  8080  for your 10% discount.  Goodbye form me and goodbye from the cast of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


  1. I love your images as well as 7Brides! I am a classic movie freak and the station is always set on Turner Classics. Howard Keel was a good looking man.
    of the Abbey

  2. ThIs movie is one of my all time favorites and I particularly love this song. Now I can sing along

  3. ThIs movie is one of my all time favorites and I particularly love this song. Now I can sing along