Monday, 25 February 2013

Vintage Yellow

The weather is really getting me down now and I need lots of vintage yellow in my life to keep me going.  Yellow is a mood lifting colour and never fails to cheer me up. 
I love all things vintage and yellow vintage items are so uplifting that more and more keep appearing in our house.
I can't wait for spring to arrive and for the daffodils to say hello.
If you are feeling blue this week add a touch of yellow to your house to lift your spirits.


  1. Just added some yellow to my life today - a gorgeous painting of yellow roses :)

    Oh to see the sunshine again - am really missing it :(

  2. Love your touches of yellow they certainly are cheery on cold days :)

    Bee happy x

  3. Love your yellow tea pot, as you know I love yellow too and my yellow themed utility room is taking shape nicely.
    Ann x

  4. I would gladly trade a limb to have that gorgeous cabinet with the floral lining paper. What a beauty!

  5. Hi Thank you for commenting on mu blog. I will follow yours as its great.
    Best wishes
    Sue x