Monday, 4 February 2013

Warm Fuzzy Glow Inside!

Mrs Nostalgic Kitchen's Kitchen Makeover is well underway and everytime I look at the bits we have done I get a warm fuzzy glow in my tummy!
Our breakfast area is cold and just by putting lots of Vernon Ward Prints on the wall the room is filled with a vintage hue


I have been placing various treasures on my shelves to see what looks best and have decided on this combination for the moment.  Some yellow framed pictures of my doggies, a very old kitchen prayer in bakelite frame, a Farmers Wife vintage milk bottle and another couple of bits that make me happy.
I spent a wonderful afternoon listening to Harry Connick Junior on the wireless cleaning out my cupboards and rearranging my kitchenwares.  I lined my new cupboard with sticky back liner and I think it has finished it off perfectly
I just want to be in my kitchen and bake but unfortunately I must work on building The Nostlagic Kitchen Empire and so back to work!  We have got lots more to do in the kitchen and so will update you as we go!  Have a happy week everyone xxx

1 comment :

  1. Your kitchen is really taking shape, I love your cupboard and the fab sticky back plastic.
    Ann x