Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vintage Jumble Glamour!!!!

Who would have thought that selling your wares at a Vintage Jumble Sale would turn out to be such a glamorous pastime! 
Mrs Nostalgic Kitchen & Mrs Nostalgic's Mummy in Homes & Antiques Magazine!!!

The Vintage Jumble Sale at St Matthews Parish Centre on Saturday 12th January was a wonderful event full of treasure hunters and loads of bargains.  When the doors opened the crowds piled in and us stall holders were thrilled to pass on so many of our vintage wares.  I always like to dress up a bit in my head scarf and vintage fishwife outfits!

In the middle of all the hubbub I was interviewed by a design student from Northampton University about my opinions on vintage fashion!!  Ooh I'm no expert deary I told her! 

We were lucky to be situated opposite Alice from Homes & Antiques Magazine at the Jumble who was signing up people to magazine subscriptions quicker than you can say Jack Rabbit!!  She took a photo of Mum & I and she has added it as well as lots of pics of my lovely fellow vintage stall holders to a write up of the Jumble in Homes & Antiques Magazine....OOOOOhhhhhhh

Claire Rocks & Suzanne of Hearts & Kisses

Wendy of Ticking Stripes clinging on to her treasures

I have had to walk around with dark glasses on since as I am soooo famous and those paps are relentless!!!  I don't want to get everyone really excited but I have a very sexy bri nylon yellow overall to wear to the next fair at The Three Swans in Market Harborough on Saturday 2nd February.  It's an original Woolworths standard issue!!  The reporters will be queueing up to get a snap of me in that!!  See you all at the fair




  1. you look fabulous as always !
    Ann x

  2. Hurrah!
    As Annie says, you always look amazing, but it never feels as tho' tried too hard, if you know what I mean!!!
    I think I need a 'scarf tying' tutorial please!
    Thank you SO much for the tablemats; they are getting a lot of use on our little coffee table. Love 'em!
    Z xx