Monday, 29 October 2012

Fun at the Auction!

I love going to auctions!  I love the adrenalin rush you get when the item you are interested in approaches. You find the nerve to hold your number up and bid for your treasure hoping that by some miraculous chance you will be the only one that appreciates its charm and value!  The first item I ever bid on was a shabby chic bureau and I got it for £1!!  At that auction you didn't have a number you just shouted your name out..."Mrs Smart"  I shouted and the auctioneer replied "you certainly are".  I felt like I'd been accepted into the world of bidding and I was off!!  My husband and I go often and always come back with something we need or don't need!
A couple of weeks ago we went to an auction that was selling off items from a Heritage Museum that was closing down.  We took two vans and our 3 dogs and my mum's dog that was staying with us for the weekend. Loaded with our pack up and dogs pack up we set off to find some bargains. I just couldn't help myself bidding for everything.  My husband kept tapping his pen around the circled running total I had spent to try and calm me down but it didn't work! We won some real gems and I have spent the last couple of weeks cleaning and admiring everything.  My two favourite items were a 1940's Boiler Washer called the Dean and a 1930's Washing Machine with a mangle over the top.
Oh and the 1950's mangle, wooden airers and vintage irons are pretty cool as well!!
I got lots of kitchenalia to add to my Downtown Abbey section that I am creating on my online shop  I'm hoping to launch this line on my shop in the next two weeks and I'm so excited at what I've managed to collect so far. The items date from 1914-1920's and it has not been an easy task. 
Keep an eye on this blog and my website for updates on the exciting Downtown Abbey section.
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Off to Norfolk in a couple of weeks for an auction fest and hope to come back with even more treasures to share with my vintage loving cooks.
Love Nostalgic Vicky x

Monday, 22 October 2012

Magazine Exposure!!!

Another week starts and last week finished with a bang!  We went to a fabulous auction on Saturday and picked up some amazing pieces as it was an auction selling off items from a heritage museum!  Sunday took me to Oundle for a lovely fair and then the final excitement was finding out that The Kibworth Antiques Centre had a fabulous write up in the weekend magazine in the Leicester Mercury.  The Nostalgic Kitchen section was mentioned several times and the main article was taken up with a huge picture of my area!!  I am so proud.

Im so excited to see what this week will bring as I am getting ready to go to Vintage Street in Lichfield on Saturday.  An event not to be missed!!
Vintage music, vintage cars, vintage treasures, vintage clothes, vintage loveliness. 
See ya there!!!
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Monday, 15 October 2012

I Love My Logo

I am very lucky to have a very talented friend who is a graphic designer and who has created me the most wonderful logo to add a more professional look to my business.
Most of my stock is 1940's and 1950's and I wanted to create that feel with my logo.  My friend took an enamel teapot that I had and after much discussion about lettering and style came up with this fabulous design.
I have put my logo on the side of that very same teapot that was used for the design and put it pride of place in my unit at Kibworth Antiques Centre.
I now need to order some business cards and stationary as well to fully brand my little business!  The big question is do I put my logo on the side of my van?
This weeks offer on my online shop is a free surprise gift when you mention my blog at the checkout when purchasing any item.
If you are reading this blog please leave me a comment as I'd love to hear from you. 
Love Nostalgic Vicky

Monday, 8 October 2012

Country Homes & Interiors Magazine

OOOOhhhhhhhh so excited that treasures from my shop are being used in not only the Christmas edition of Country Homes & Interiors Magazine but also the February issue!  The design editor and stylist contacted me a few months ago and borrowed some items for the Christmas edition photo shoot and then this week I have again lent them some items for the February edition.  Does that make me famous????????

They borrowed a strange mix of items and I'm very intrigued to see how they use them.

I'm constantly checking the shelves in the newsagents now to see if the Christmas edition has come out yet.  If you see it give me a shout!!!

Again this week if you mention my blog at the checkout of when purchasing any item under £10 and I'll refund your postage!  Come on have a look....I'm famous

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Nostalgic Kitchen at Kibworth Antiques

I'm so very very excited that The Nostalgic Kitchen will be having a space at Kibworth Antiques centre, Leicestershire.  The centre is a new venture and The Nostalgic Kitchen is so pleased to be involved from the beginning.
I went along as soon as I heard about it and chose my space.  Not an easy task but I decided to go next to the coffee shop as I thought people may glance across at my items whilst sipping on their drinks!
I began by putting a couple of kitchen units in and wall racks up.
I really wanted to maximise my area by going up as well.  The port hole windows in the two doors add a fab retro look to the space.  It was starting to look good but I wanted to soften the doors and windows without blocking out the light and so added little cafe curtains at the top. 
After many hours compiling stock to go in the unit I finally took all my treasures there and my very clever friends helped me with the visual merchandising! - Placing bits in position where it attracts the customer to you and me!! 



I've still got loads of room so am taking some more bits over on Wednesday and am going to price everything up.  The Grand opening day for the whole centre is this Saturday 6th Oct 10-4pm. I'll be there in my pinny and head scarf welcoming everyone.

If you are a regular blog reader visit my online shop and treat yourself to a little kitchen treasure for under £5 and I will refund your postage.  All you have to do is mention this blog in the section 'Where did you hear about us?'