Tuesday, 27 September 2011

So much stock so little time!!!

I have now got a pile up to the ceiling of wonderful treasures I have got to sell in my online shop and at vintage fairs!!  The buying and selling of the lovely bits and pieces is the fun bit - the photographing and spending hours putting it on the computer is not so much fun when you are such a busy bee like me!  Would like to do some tonight after work but the Great British Bake Off is on TV and I can't miss that!  Maybe I could stay up into the wee hours???!!!  Another day in the week would be good.  Am going to start my count down to my first vintage fair as a seller - 53 days to go!!! Am very excited. Love Nostalgic Vicky

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Have just commited to doing a Vintage Fair on Sat 19th November and a Craft Fair on Sun 20th November. Am I mad? No just very keen to get my little business off the ground and to play shops two days running. I won't be on my own anyway as my mum will come with me and we chat and drink tea and read magazines so what could be better?? Although my poor husband will have to referee the 3 dogs on his own. He can cope I'm sure.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My first Musings!!!

Hello all, Nostalgic Vicky here broadcasting to the world for the first time in my new blog!!  How exciting.  My main reason for wanting to do a blog is so that I can link it with my online shop http://www.thenostalgickitchen.co.uk/ and build my business up so that I can be at home more with my doggies and not go out all day to work and leave them!!!  I have been following lots of lovely blogs for a while and really enjoy reading what like minded people are up to so hopefully someone will feel the same way about my blog!!  My blog will be all about my progress with my shop, nostalgic things in general, epsecially kitchenware, my lovely life in Leicestershire and my wonderful holidays in North Norfolk.  Start of something exciting for me and I hope people join me on the journey. Nostalgic Vicky x