Tuesday, 27 September 2011

So much stock so little time!!!

I have now got a pile up to the ceiling of wonderful treasures I have got to sell in my online shop and at vintage fairs!!  The buying and selling of the lovely bits and pieces is the fun bit - the photographing and spending hours putting it on the computer is not so much fun when you are such a busy bee like me!  Would like to do some tonight after work but the Great British Bake Off is on TV and I can't miss that!  Maybe I could stay up into the wee hours???!!!  Another day in the week would be good.  Am going to start my count down to my first vintage fair as a seller - 53 days to go!!! Am very excited. Love Nostalgic Vicky


  1. Welcome to blogland .... are you doing Market Harborough V & H by any chance?? Shall see you there if so. There comes a time when we have to part with our little treasures but I certainly do get enjoyment from them no matter how long they with me. x

  2. Yes it is the Market Harborough V & H!!!!. I can't wait. Will be great to say hello. I've seen your stall at Northampton and I think at Market Harborough in August. This blogging is such fun - but I don't get anything else done as I'm always reading blogs!! Housework is overrated anyway!!