Monday, 10 October 2011

I've been to Norfolk & I feel inspired!!

Hello friends,
I have just come back from a much needed weekend in Norfolk.  We stayed in a cute little cottage in Snettisham which was a delight.  Homemade cakes awaiting us when we arrived and fresh flowers in the lounge.  After a long walk on the beach I had a long soak in the roll top bath with a glass of wine and a Christmas magazine!!  Not long now everyone - time for me to start spreading the joy!!
  Anyway at the end of the road was a small vintage centre with little sections for individual sellers to display and sell their goods.  I treated myself to a couple of bits but of course wanted everything. 
I resisted buying yet more Babycham glasses as my obsession  is getting out of hand!  It got me thinking though that I could research such centres near me and have a little section. Feeling all vintage and inspired I returned home to Leicestershire to my very first order on my online shop.  I've had purchases from friends and family but to have a complete stranger look at my site and buy something was the end to a perfect weekend.  As my lovely friend Louise said to me from small acorns do great oak trees grow.  I've got everything crossed and the dogs have got their paws crossed - well they would if they weren't so tired after hours of running on the beach! 
Norfolk never ceases to bring joy into my life!


  1. Well done on your sale .... it's a lovely feeling when that happens and let's hope it will be the first of many. Is your gadget on the sidebar a spud peeler??? x

  2. Hi - thanks for your comment - does seem this ignoring the person in the chair is rather widespread :(

    Looks like you had a fab time in North Norfolk - hardly a surprise its gorgeous up there :)

  3. Found your sweet blog today and wanted to say hi! love your bath, so pretty, can just imagine a huge bubble bath with loads of candles dotted about :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!