Monday, 25 June 2012

I'm Taking a Leap of Faith!

Yes I am taking a leap of faith in vintage lovers all over the world!  I am scarely giving up my reliable paid income and going it alone in the Vintage world. 

I have decided that life is too short to spend your life doing a job that you don't enjoy and have therefore had serious financial discussions with my hubby to see if we can manage while I focus totally on my business The Nostalgic Kitchen.  My website has been up and running for nearly a year now and I do fairs every weekend and I simply love every minute of it.  I wake up the morning of a fair with butterflies in my tummy! 

Part of my grand plans to build up my business is to blog more and reach out to more people.  I'm not going to panic under the pressure and I'm going to enjoy making The Nostalgic Kitchen the successful business I dream it can be.  If anyone has any tips or ideas for me I would be ever so grateful to receive them!!! So for now I'm gona.....

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Oh to be Mrs Monty Don!!

I am being British and hopeful that summer will one day arrive and it is worth putting effort into my garden!  HOPE - that is definitely what I think us British have to have in abundance otherwise we would get so depressed in this weather!  I have started transforming my garden from the one we moved into to the one I want it to be.

June is here and the roses are coming out and the hanging baskets are starting to fill out and the bloody weather is awful!  I decided to go out in between showers and take some photos of some of the best bits in my garden so at least I can enjoy them from my laptop even if I can go out and be with them.  Even Monty Don on Gardeners World is doing all his jobs at Long Meadow in the pouring rain with his fussy hair caked to his head - I love you Monty!

Mum and I went to Gardeners World Live yesterday and had a fantastic day!  I so wanted to meet Monty but he wasn't there.  Yes I have a secret crush on him - not secret anymore now I have told all of you!!!  It was my first time at Gardeners World Live and The Good Food Show Live was on as well. 

The Floral Marquee was to die for.  Amazing flower displays and millions of plants to buy.  I found lots of new plants I loved but I always end up chosing a rose as my best in show!

We went around the show gardens outside first as the sun was shining when we first got there.  We had a Pimms and saw Joe Swift and then wandered around the marquee and the stalls.
I bought a daisy plant that had pinky white delicate daisies on to put amoungst my Alliums.  Yes I know all the names and everything - I should be Mrs Monty Don!!  I don't think my husband would mind.  Here are some more pics from the day!

Being a Vintage loving gal my absolute best in show as I said was a rose and I loved it because the colour was a chocolate pink that was such a vintage looking colour.  Here it is.  It was called Hot Chocolate but I'm calling it Nostalgic Vicky's Vintage Hope......

Monday, 4 June 2012

A winner & A Loser

I have just come back from my Village Jubilee Street Party.  It was so nice to sit in the sun with fellow villagers eating and drinking.  I felt so sorry for all those people who organised events yesterday in the rain.  Us British are pretty resilient though and keep going through most adverse weather conditions!  I love all the bunting up and the general feeling of merriment in the air which we only really see at Christmas!  I was however not a winner but a loser at our village cake competition.  The theme was Commonwealth.  I was very proud of my cake which was a crown and then little cupcakes in the sea with flags from all the Commonwealth countries in.  I was hopeful until I took it over to the village hall and put it on the table amongst the other cakes that were all absolutely amazing.  I didn't win but am proud enough to show you a couple of pictures of it.

Despite the fact that today I was not a winner I do have a winner of my Jubilee giveaway Yippeee.  The WINNER is Deborah from 'Bee Happy'  She has won a cute George V cup from his Silver Jubilee in 1935 that she chose from my shop  Thanks for entering my giveaway Deborah and well done!!
Enjoy the rest of your Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend everybody
 I'm off for another Pimms - Tally Ho!!!!