Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bottle Feeding Lambs

This morning at 7am I helped my friend feed her baby lambs that have lost their mums ( I won't go into detail) and are now being bottle fed.  I am in charge next Tuesday for the early morning and the lunchtime feed!!  They are so gorgeous.

They are sleeping in a little dairy and then go out in yard during the day and play and sunbathe.  They don't have names yet they are just little blue, big blue, little orange and big orange due to the colour of the numbers on their sides.  My friend is going to keep them in her paddock when they are big enough.  She was keeping them in her house until her dad said she could keep them at his house where there are outbuildings!  That is why she is my friend because she doesn't think it's mad to keep lambs inside if they've got nowhere else to go.

I've had such a lovely start to my day I hope it continues!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gushing with excitement!

Just a quick post to share my joy at my lovely recovered Lloyd Loom Ottoman. 

I bought the ottoman from a carboot sale for £5 and it was in a bit of a state.  I cleaned it up and gave it lots of love and then went on a hunt for some fabric to recover the lid.  I found the fabric at yet another carboot sale for £2 and have enough left over for two cushions and maybe even another project!  I watched the Sound of Music the other day for the millionth time and just love the bit where Maria makes playclothes for the children out of her curtains!  As I'm not a governess I'm thinking bandanas for the dogs or bunting?
Anyway am gushing with excitement with how lovely my ottoman looks for the grand price of £7!!

Love Nostalgic Vicky