Monday, 25 June 2012

I'm Taking a Leap of Faith!

Yes I am taking a leap of faith in vintage lovers all over the world!  I am scarely giving up my reliable paid income and going it alone in the Vintage world. 

I have decided that life is too short to spend your life doing a job that you don't enjoy and have therefore had serious financial discussions with my hubby to see if we can manage while I focus totally on my business The Nostalgic Kitchen.  My website has been up and running for nearly a year now and I do fairs every weekend and I simply love every minute of it.  I wake up the morning of a fair with butterflies in my tummy! 

Part of my grand plans to build up my business is to blog more and reach out to more people.  I'm not going to panic under the pressure and I'm going to enjoy making The Nostalgic Kitchen the successful business I dream it can be.  If anyone has any tips or ideas for me I would be ever so grateful to receive them!!! So for now I'm gona.....


  1. Good luck with taking that step into full time vintage selling :) xx

  2. How exciting, I am really jealous ! I am sure you will be a great success, your stall always look wonderful and you source some fab stock. Look forward to catching up with you very soon .
    Ann x

  3. All the best with doing what you love to do. I hope it is a financial success for you