Monday, 16 July 2012

Jumble Sales vs Carboot Sales

I am not ashamed to admit I am addicted to Carboot sales!!  It is the only thing that will make me leap out of bed at some godforsaken hour and snap into action.  Off I trot with my pull along trolley and search for treasures.  You can get anything at my local carboot sale from washing up sponges to plants to clothes.  Some people carefully lay out their unwanted items on tables covered in tablecloths and others just empty their car out onto a blanket on the floor and everyone dives in.  It is the rummage that reminds me of the old fashioned jumble sale and what leads me to think that the carboot sale is the modern day jumble sale.

I love having a good root around to see if I can discover something wonderful - one man's junk is another man's treasure!!  Carboot sales are just jumble sales on a much larger scale.  The jumble sale was usually made up of donations and items sold for a cause however the carboot sale is solely for each individual.  Whatever the reason behind either sale I love them both and that you can come home with great finds.

I am selling at a Jumble Sale on Saturday and I intend to really enter into the traditional spirit of the sale.  I am going to put my things on my stall to allow people to rummage and have a good sort through. I am going to make each item £1 and hopefully everyone will experience the thrill of the jumble/carboot sale.

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