Monday, 6 August 2012

Vintage Amateur Photography

Oh my word I have been shown how to put special effects onto your photos which will change my photos forever!!!!  We went round to some fabulous friends for drinks on Friday night and spent most of the evening swapping clever apps from our phones.  As a Vintage lover and seller of Kitchenalia some of these apps are a godsend!!  'Vintage Camera' and 'Camera Art Fx' change your photos and give them an effect.  I went around my kitchen taking photos and trying out all the effects and here are the results....

My Log burner in my kitchen with a vintage tinge.

Egg cups on my dresser with a watercolour effect

Scales on my worktop with a poster effect

My glasses on the worktop with a vintage effect

 Cannisters with a comic book style

 Me in a blurry retro effect

 My stall at Olney on Saturday looking very old!!!

 My Humphrey in the Kitchen as a line drawing.

So so clever and add interest, depth and change the era of the photo in just one small click! Whatever next??
Love Nostalgic Vicky xx

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