Monday, 20 August 2012

My Signature Dish

My friend Cherry asked me the other day what my signature dish is!  Someone who loves cooking, has an online shop selling kitchenalia and who would be the first person my friends would say had perfected a signature dish - does not have a signature dish!! Ahh
Well I think I should.  I'm good at lots of dishes and useless at others!  I've narrowed it down to the following that I am good at and always proud of when I serve it.

Plum Jam - Not really a dish is it?

Tray Meringue with mixed berries and creme fraiche - easy and boring

Beef Bourguignon

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves - Probably my best dish - really yummy

So having put it in writing I actually think that Stuffed Cabbage Leaves is my signature dish however that sounds very unappealing if anyone asks!!!  If any of my friends that have sampled any of the above that I have made them maybe you can comment!
Going to get my friends and family to tell me what they think and am determined to have a signature dish declared by the end of the month!!
Love Nostalgic Vicky

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  1. ooh plum jam would go great with some fresh bread :) have a happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x