Saturday, 22 October 2011

What to do with my ironing board ??!!

What a find!  I bought this vintage ironing board at a car boot sale to sell in my lovely little shop and now i've got it home I just don't know what to do with it!  My vision was to recover it and clean it up and sell it on looking all pretty and nice, however would it be worth more unaltered in it's original state?  I can picture it now with pretty floral vintage fabric sitting in someones laundry room ready to be used but I just don't get the same warm fuzzy glow from the picture of it as it is.  So I ask you my readers which do you think?  Leave as is or recover and restore?  My worry as with everything I buy for my shop is that I will want to keep it if I recover it and as my husband keeps reminding me that won't make me any money - but everything vintage is just so lovely!!
28 days till my first fair!!!
Until next time, Nostalgic Vicky xx


  1. How strange, I have a child's version of the same ironing board. I got it out this morning and debated whether or not to cover in some Cath Kidston remnants or leave it as it is. I decided to re-cover it but then put it away again as a project for another day ! I also have a full size one in my shed like yours waiting to be restored. The problem is it still has the original asbestos heat resistant plate on it and I need Mr C to research how to remove it. Good luck with yours, whatever you decide to do.
    Ann x

  2. Hi Vicki! I am now following you! What a fab ironing board!