Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Nostalgic Kitchen Update

I have been dithering about putting off writing my latest blog post as I had lots of things to write about but no particular subject and so here are my latest ramblings and updates on all things Nostalgic Kitchen...
Firstly readers an update on my very own Mrs Nostalgic Kitchen's makeover.  We have finished decorating now and I just have to place all my wares around the shelves and walls.  I have completed the little glasses section which I am really pleased with..

It was Farmer Bob's idea to paint the radiator green and I'm thrilled with it...who'd have thought it!
My hooks are up and yellows, greens and vintage florals are hanging around

I carried on this bright vintage colour scheme when preparing for my fairs last weekend as I thought everyone needed cheering up with vibrant vintage in this cold depressing dark weather.  I did a fair at Abbington Park Museum in Northampton on Saturday and although snowy it was a great success and thoroughly good fun!  Here are some piccys of my stall..

The fair was set around the exhibits at the museum.  One particular display caught my eye....

How fabulous!!!! Although I find mannequins like this really creepy!
Anyway Easter this weekend and I am planning lots of yummy food to come out of The Nostalgic Kitchen..... Here is an Easter recipe for you to try love from me taken from 'Come into the Kitchen' by Alexie Gordon & Trudy Bliss 1947 xx


  1. Your kitchen is looking fantastic! love your glass display :) Farmer Bob picked a great colour for the radiator, I used this similar green in my bathroom a few houses ago. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

    Bee happy x

  2. Great choice of green for the radiator. Most definitely approve of the green yellow and floral decor.

  3. So exciting to see some kitchen photos, love the green radiator I can't wait to see more. Your stall looked lovely on Saturday. My coloured knives are on display in my kitchen in a little glass jar, the pea bag is on my utility window sill and my geese are waiting for me to decide exactly where I want them to go !
    Ann x

  4. Your stall looks great - so many pretty things!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger