Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Yay!  It's nearly Christmas and I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.  I wrapped pressies last night and am listening to Neil Diamond's Cherry Christmas CD while I write this!!  He's starting to look old - well aren't we all!

Bought Christmas fudge ingredients today to make fudge for neighbours ( will post recipe at a later date - very easy) and have even starting buying nibbles for my retro cocktail Christmas bar!

Got this little cracker on eBay and have been stocking up with booze and have got all retro bar equipment needed for a right retro knees up!  Mum & Dad don't know about it yet.  It's going to be a Christmas surprise.  Makes a change from doing a jigsaw!

Been busy with the online shop and fairs and antique centre this week making everything look festive and enticing!  I've created gift vouchers to use on my online shop and at my fairs which I'm excited about....whether anyone will buy one or not remains to be seen but I'm crossing everything.  I've introduced a loyalty points scheme on my online shop as well to encourage repeat visits...again everything crossed.
Yay!! It's nearly Christmas xxxx


  1. Your christmas plans sound lovely! I love the retro bar stools. Hope everything goes well with your shop! I'm hoping to get a few more jewellery sales in the run up to Christmas too :) xo

  2. I have been playing my christmas CDs :) love your bar stools, so cool!

    Bee happy x