Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Famous Trifle Bowl

Here is a little Christmas story about a Trifle Bowl!

Made in 1930's this little Trifle Bowl was spotted by Mrs Nostalgic Kitchen at an auction in Snettisham Norfolk.  The set comprised big bowl with 6 small bowls.  This little set sat unwanted on the website for 6 months and started to feel very unloved despite Mrs Nostalgic's kind words of reassurance!

Then one day Mrs Nostalgic received an email from Country Homes & Interiors magazine asking to borrow the set for a photo shoot for the magazine.  Carefully wrapped and full of anticipation the Trifle set made it's way in the post to stardom!

One sad day Mrs Nostalgic received a phone call from a Kitchen fitters to say they had received a parcel that was meant to be for The Nostalgic Kitchen.  When Mrs Nostalgic picked up the parcel it was the returned set and lots of the small bowls were broken!!

Undeterred Mrs Nostalgic took the chipped big bowl and 3 small bowls to a fair as she knew how beautiful they were.  Again no one showed any interested in the damaged set!  Two of the remaining small bowls broke in transit and the big bowl cracked beyond repair!!!!!

One small bowl remained.........And then the January 2013 edition of Country Homes & Interiors Magazine came out.

On page 117 there was the little small bowl full of yummy trifle as famous as famous can be!!!! 

Mrs Nostalgic did not want to risk losing the last of the beautiful Trifle Bowls and so kept it in her special cupboard to retire happily with all her other treasures.
And so the story has a happy ending......Merry Christmas everyone xxx


  1. what a great story, I will have to go out and buy the magazine now just to see your famous bowl !
    Ann x

  2. Awwrr, thats a nice story, thanks for sharing. Glad the bowl is now ritred happily.