Monday, 6 February 2012

Not Long Now!!

It's not long now till my next fair at the Three Swans in Market Harborough.  I am very excited as usual and plan to spend the next three days deciding which treasures to take.  My husband is going to help me unload this time so I can take what I like which makes life difficult as I want to take everything!  I might do a laundry section as I've got lots of old irons and a fab vintage clothes airer and ironing board. 
I have been getting all organised in January and sorting my stock into numbered boxes!!  I'm the sort of person who needs to have everything organised in the background before I can get on with anything creative!!  Now I have my shop and stock in order I can focus on blogging, designing and have got an editorial to write for a vintage magazine so praying that the creative juices start flowing.

Hope to see lots of people on Saturday - Oh what vintage glasses shall I wear!!!
Love Nostalgic Vicky

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