Saturday, 7 January 2012

These are a few of my favourite things!

It's January and I haven't added to my blog since November!! How time flies when you are working like a maniac!!  The lead up to Christmas this year was mad mad mad for me as I was working out notice on one job, starting the next, running my online shop, doing a stall at vintage fairs and preparing for Christmas.  100 hours a week is not a pleasant way to build up to Christmas let me tell you!! However it's January and life is returning to normal and I feel like I have been down a really dark, long tunnel and come out the other end.  I've been noticing the good things in life again and have made a resolution for 2012 to take time to enjoy all the things that make me smile ..... These are a few of my favourite things.........

Snow drops... it's too early I hear you cry!   Seven snowdrops have appeared on the grass in my village!  Spring and life is on it's way.

My stairway wallpaper - it's so so pretty and makes my smile and feel all girly every time I walk up or down the stairs. 

My Lovely painting given to me by a very special artist whom I got to know working in a Nursing Home where he was a resident.  He gave me this painting he had painted when I left to thank me for all the wonderful times we had spent together and I will treasure it always.

They are so gorgeous they light up my life - my three babies....


My Susie Cooper gardenia Collection.  I am so sad I find myself just sitting and looking at my china for more than is a healthy period of time and sighing contented little sighs....
Family trips to Norfolk.  I count down the days between visits and need to get a fix of Norfolk every other month otherwise I start to twitch!!!

Having a stall at Vintage Fairs.  It is such fun and I love making my stall all pretty and getting butterflies in my tummy before the doors open and the customers come in.  My next fair is a Vintage Jumble Sale in Northampton at the St Matthews Parish Centre, 11-2pm.  I'm going to be taking some real bargains with me and as usual will need to resist buying loads and going home with more than I came with.  Come along if you are free.

Now I've started to think about things that make me smile I can't stop smiling and my list could go on forever so I'm going to stop now and launch into my new year as a HAPPY, CAREFREE, NOSTALGIC VICKY. xxx

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  1. Your three dogs are gorgeous, so cute. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
    Ann x