Wednesday, 7 March 2012

March Belongs To Chickens......

My girls just come to life again as soon as March arrives.  All winter they have been huddled in their house sheltering from the elements but now the weather has warmed up they are scratching and pecking all over the place.  I have put my chicken wreath on my door and the eggs have started appearing in the nesting boxes - Spring has definitely sprung.  I think some of my bulbs have survived but time will tell.

I have been doing my usual routine of gathering spring flowers in vases and jugs and putting them everywhere around the house to bring spring in.  Haven't managed to develop a spring cleaning routine but the flowers cover up and winter dust!!

I'm getting ready for my next fair in Northampton this week and have gots of new bits and bobs so will hopefully have an interesting stall.  I'm taking items that aren't on my online shop yet so the people at the fair get first dibs before the rest of the world sees them!

I hope it will be a fine spring day to bring lots of people in to look at all the wonderful treasures on offer by all the lovely sellers.  See you Saturday ....

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  1. Looking forward to catching up with you on Saturday. My two chickens seem very sprightly all of a sudden too.
    Ann x