Thursday, 22 August 2013

Count Your Blessings!!!

My lovely Daddy has always taught me to count my blessings and I do everyday....well maybe not every day but often!  Life is so hard with so many horrid things surrounding us I think it is really important to recognise the good things in life, the little things that actually keep us going.  This is really hard at times when things are challenging us in life and this is when it is good to pick up a reminder.....
A lovely friend that I met through blogging and Facebook came up with a wonderful idea to create Bee Happy Journals.  Deborah Fielding from spends most of her days spreading happiness and joy.  She mentioned the concept to me and I was really excited to see what she came up with.  I am a vintage girl and was thrilled that when she showed me the prototype and it was made from a vintage book cover.  I obviously wanted one for myself and had two friends that were going through tricky times and wanted one each for them as well as they needed to focus on some nice things in their lives.  Here is picture of the three journals I ordered and one other.  All are individually made, personalised and quirky.

Bee happy journals
I couldn't decide which one to keep for myself but in the end I went for this one...

vintage style bee happy journal

You can of course use these journals for whatever purpose you see fit but I am using mine as a store for all my happy thoughts, sights, experiences and ideas.

alice in wonderland bee happy journal

The day my goddaughter got her A level results and got into the Uni of her choice had to go down in my book as it was a happy moment filled with relief for her.

Storing happy memories

I've started collecting up ideas for decorating my house and business for Christmas and this is all stored in my journal...

These journals are so quirky and each page you turn has a different paper, postcard, pocket, label or picture.  I have listed my doggy touching noses with the lambs, hanging out washing on spring morning and my climbing rose coming out in June as happy moments this year and when I feel down I can just open up my journal to lift my spirits.

When I gave the journals to my friends they were really touched and I hope inspired to take a moment to count their blessings....

These wonderful inspiring journals can be purchased from You can also follow Deborah on Facebook or read her blog which is lovely.