Wednesday, 17 April 2013

You know you are getting old when...

Hello readers...Mrs Nostalgic is feeling old!  I was having a little chuckle to myself yesterday as I was thinking what the young me would say to the old me now!!!!!  I was thinking how I've changed and there are a few key traits that prove I'm aging...You know you are getting old when....

You start bird watching!  I knew it was the final straw when I asked my Mother in Law to buy me a bird table for Christmas.  Don't worry readers I don't go out for the day with my binoculars and twitch but I do enjoy a cup of coffee looking out the window watching Mr Robin and the little black bird on my bird table.  The highlight of my morning is watching the bluetits on the peanut hanging thingy.  They are really pretty.  You see there I go again! Old!

There are certain foods, as well readers, that one only acquires a taste for when one gets older.  Sun dried tomatoes, olives, Stilton cheese and beetroot.  Of course an appreciation of a good wine comes with age as well but I seemed to develop that skill in my late 20's!!!

Getting washing dried on the line...well actually the whole process of hanging it out, monitoring the weather and joining others in the comment when a black cloud comes over "oh no I've got washing on the line"!!!!! When you were young you didn't care if it dried outside or in as long as you didn't have to do it frankly!  I also have line envy!  We have a whirly and I so long for a long sweeping line to sway backwards and forth.  See old!

Monty Don makes your heart flutter! Not only that but he knows how to cultivate a good brussel sprout!  I get really excited about Friday not because I'm getting ready to go out clubbing but because it's time for Gardeners World on the tele and I get to pick up tips whilst lusting after Monty Don! I need help I know.  I love gardening ..that's an age thing. My best friend and I talk about our gardens when we meet up now and how the slugs ruined our foxgloves last year...we used to talk about boys, sex and rock & roll.  Planting up pretty pots gives me as much pleasure these days as dancing on a podium once used to! By the way planted up some alpine strawberries in an old vintage baking tin and put on a shelf in the garden and it looks really lovely...try it xx

So Mrs Nostalgic is quite content with the aging process and quite frankly it's a relief to be able to let go of the pressure that is being young, acting and  looking hip & trendy. I'm off to put the kettle on now and have another cup of tea from a bone china appreciate a bone china cup as you get older you know!!!  

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Marble in a Tea Kettle

A little something I thought I would share with you....A glass marble placed in a tea kettle and left in there permanently will keep limescale at bay!  It bounces around when you boil the kettle chipping away at any limescale!

How do I know this?  Well I was picking up a kitchen larder to renovate from a house that was being cleared by a family after the death of their elderly relative.  She sounded like an amazing character who always did something for a reason.  She collected newspaper clippings with tips and ideas for making household chores easier.  When I picked up an old brown enamel tea kettle there was something rattling inside it.  When I looked inside and saw the marble I wondered why on earth there would be a marble in there.  I asked the family and they didn't know why but said there must be a reason as everything was done for a reason!

I kept the marble and the kettle and returned home to research the reasoning behind the marble in the kettle! Quite a common notion I discovered and so from now on I will put a marble in every stove top kettle that I sell with an explanation of course and keep this useful tip alive.  I am going back to this lady's house on Saturday and I will have a little smile in her kitchen for the useful tip she has passed on to me!  Wish I had known her.....oh the things she could have taught me!
Gonna sit down now and have a nice cup of tea...limescale free....cheers!